Maureen Fleming's "Axis Mundi", explores through metaphorical images our search for transcendence whatever its form. Performed in venues ranging from Italy’s Palermo di Scena International Festival in the ruin of a 1000-year old church, Tokyo's 1990 Butō Festival in an old Japanese firehouse, and Boston's Emerson Majestic Theater, "Axis Mundi" was selected among the Boston Globe's top 10 dance performances of the year in 2017. Enjoy this 2020 re-creation bringing to screen this poignant study of the female body and its relationship to the universal soul's journey.

“There is an old saying: the body doesn’t lie. But that doesn’t really go far enough. There are times. . . when the body tells a truth so deep that it transforms the way we look at life itself. With stillness, strength, and the naked force of one body, Fleming took on the very essence of being.”
Portland Herald Press, Maine

“A sensation of danger, of a violence, of a revelation still remains there: that mixing of life and death, of image and flesh…that make us a human being, and that Fleming’s courage opens for a moment into a fascinating and hypnotic wound.”
La Repubbilca, Italy

"As earth goddesses go, she's the real black madonna." The Boston Globe



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