• Fleming Elastxx®  Single Elastxx

Fleming Elastxx®

The ‘Elastixx used in the Fleming Elastxx®, Maureen Fleming’s daily exercise technique, is an original design created and presented by Fleming during her 2006 Fulbright Commission in Korea. The training method is a self-sustaining tool for metamorphosis and self-directed physical change, based in an understanding of the body's ability to regenerate the mind. 

The original one-size fits all soft looped ends comfortably slip over the hands or feet. Each ‘Elastixx’ has a pair of stirrup loops with a center tie line for easy attachment to any elevated support structure such as a post, beam, door, window or tree. The unique highly efficient, adaptable and portable design makes it easy to practice Fleming Elastxx® training at home, work, indoors, outdoors or anywhere on the go. 

Fleming Elastxx® Single Elastxx

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