• SPECIAL CORONAVIRUS Shutdown Offer: Free Online Private Class with purchase of Head Sling and Double ELASTXX®

Special CORNOVIRUS Shutdown Offer: Free Online Private Class with purchase of ELASTXX ! 

What is in the Package: 1 Double Elastxx, 1 Head Sling

We are offering a FREE online private class with Maureen Fleming during the CORONAVIRUS shutdown, with the purchase of easy to install ELASTXX for your quarantine, wherever you are!  If you are interested in this invigorating training that combines mind-altering traction with psoas engaging breathing exercises that strengthen your immune system in a personalized daily training, please email: Maureen.Fleming@fulbrightmail.org to schedule your FREE private class! 






FLEMING ELASTXX® is an original dance training system and a self-sustaining tool for metamorphosis and self directed physical change, based in an understanding of the body’s ability to regenerate the mind. This original training method was created by acclaimed New York City choreographer and performance artist Maureen Fleming. Stemming from her in depth personal research to overcome a childhood injury, Maureen Fleming shares techniques from her daily practice that maintains the flexibility and strength necessary for her to perform her unique movement vocabulary. Fleming Elastixx is accessible to anyone interested in discovering his or her movement potential.

The technique uses imagery to initiate movement in low impact resistance training while strengthening the Psoas muscle with an awareness of the diaphragm pushing down to open the vocal channel to create sustainable and regenerative movement and sound patterns. The sound serves as a thermometer for the open internal channel in movement, allowing the practitioner to ‘hear’ correct alignment. This process can lead to the development of an open and flexible human physical instrument thus leading to the creation of sustainable movement and voice for performance and daily life.

Images ‘drive’ the muscle which in turn ‘drives the gravity’ moving up and down the body aiding in this process of developing efficient regenerative movement patterns. This deep, regenerative inner work allows for a more complete realization of a personal and creative vision for directors, actors, dancers, singers, yoga enthusiasts, therapists and anyone interested in discovering their movement potential through an efficient and integrated training program that becomes a part of daily life.

      A compliment to any training system, FLEMING ELASTXX® Private Session with MAUREEN FLEMING is available through ZOOM

SPECIAL CORONAVIRUS Shutdown Offer: Free Online Private Class with purchase of Head Sling and Double ELASTXX®

  • $150.00