• Maureen Fleming Company Annual Summer Intensive

                A compliment to any training system, FLEMING ELASTXX® TEACHER CERTIFICATION is available for in NYC. Please contact Maureen Fleming Company.

"FLEMING ELASTXX® took away deep lower back pain and broke up scar tissue in a way that nothing before has. My ability to swim competively returned. I've integrated this important tool into my 'Manhattan Applied Physiology' with repeated amazing results with my clients. This daily practice is a breakthrough for empowering clients to monitor lowgrade pain without medication."

-Janet Nelson Director of Manhattan Applied Physiology                                                                        

FLEMING ELASTXX® is an original physical training system and a self-sustaining tool for metamorphosis and self directed physical change, based in an understanding of the body’s ability to regenerate the mind. This original training method was created by acclaimed New York City choreographer and performance artist Maureen Fleming. Stemming from her in depth personal research to overcome a childhood injury, Maureen Fleming shares techniques from her daily practice that maintains the flexibility and strength necessary for her to perform her unique movement vocabulary. Fleming Elastixx is accessible to anyone interested in discovering his or her movement potential.

The technique uses imagery to initiate movement in low impact resistance training while strengthening the Psoas muscle with an awareness of the diaphragm pushing down to open the vocal channel to create sustainable and regenerative movement and sound patterns. The sound serves as a thermometer for the open internal channel in movement, allowing the practitioner to ‘hear’ correct alignment. This process can lead to the development of an open and flexible human physical instrument thus leading to the creation of sustainable movement and voice for performance and daily life.

Images ‘drive’ the muscle which in turn ‘drives the gravity’ moving up and down the body aiding in this process of developing efficient regenerative movement patterns. This deep, regenerative inner work allows for a more complete realization of a personal and creative vision for directors, actors, dancers, singers, yoga enthusiasts, therapists and anyone interested in discovering their movement potential through an efficient and integrated training program that becomes a part of daily life. Participation in FLEMING ELASTXX® Teacher Training Certification Programs allows students to expand their own personal movement potential while preparing them to effectively share their knowledge and enhance the movement potential of others.

For more information on FLEMING ELASTXX® Training Programs and Teacher Certification, contact Maureen Fleming Company at 212.677.6998 or

                                                                       Maureen.Fleming@fulbrightmail.org or visit www.maureenfleming.com.

Success Story by Alexx Shilling

I came to Fleming technique as though following an instinctual directive towards healing and was still astonished by the efficacy and depth that I found in Maureen's work. As a professional dancer, choreographer, Pilates and Yoga teacher, I found the trends of breaking movement down anatomically had left me and my colleagues in a place of near paralysis; of understanding the body in a way that kept us from moving with our full potential and whole spirit.

Maureen introduced me to the 10 images and imagery that clarified the intention of my breath. Her brilliant addition of sound and vocal work as a way to connect with the psoas and open the body further allowed me to find a once again and more free, integrated body. All of my injuries began to subside and by the 5th day of the workshop, having arrived with severe plantar fascitis and heel spurs, I was jumping! Without pain! I felt elated by the work and instantly saw parallels to my own teaching.

Since that first workshop, I became certified to teach Fleming technique and now combine it with my dancing, Pilates and Yoga. My private clients embraced the work immediately as they could feel changes in their body after just an hour of practicing. The professional dancers that I train connect with the imagery and find Fleming technique combined with mindful Pilates (also called Radiant Movement) to be a deeply effective preparation for dancing and performing. I personally use it to prepare for rehearsals, technique class and as a daily movement practice.

Many of my clients have discovered significant reduction in their stress levels and anxiety as a result of practicing Fleming technique along with the Radiant Movement. Clients have found healing and greater mobility from spinal conditions, shoulder injuries, plantar fascitis and heel spurs, neck and jaw conditions, arthritis and hip conditions as well as increasing their flexibility (at all ages!), lung and breath capacity and building core and pelvic strength.

My movement philosophy has been significantly affirmed and strengthened since finding Fleming technique. We have an infinite amount of potential from which to move from and in turn, to more fully enjoy moving not only without pain, but with joy and the possibility of regeneration. I am continuously fascinated by this potential and the body's own intelligence and ability to heal. The proof is in the practice, "the body never lies" (Martha Graham).            

-Alexx Shilling Director of Radiant Movement

Maureen Fleming Company Annual Summer Intensive

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