• Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Maureen Fleming's ‘Mother and Child’ is a poignant study of the female body and it's relationship to the universal soul's journey. Archetypal and genuine, the work plumbs the depths of human experience, touching the essence of our inner life. This video DVD, created through a series of performances intended to embody Fleming's original choreography for stage, has been used with Fleming's live performance, depicting co-existing levels of reality. However, ‘Mother and Child’ clearly stands alone as a motif of Fleming's unique visual art theater. Directed by Maureen Fleming and created through a creative exchange involving light designer Christopher Odo and videographer Jeff Bush, this work has been seen in live performances, art installations and Dance on Camera Festivals.

© Maureen Fleming 1996 Cover Photo © Lois Greenfield 2004

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Mother and Child

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