Fleming Elastxx® Single Elastxx + DVD

Fleming Elastxx® Single Elastxx + DVD
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Fleming Elastxx®

The ‘Elastxx’ used in the Fleming Elastxx®, Maureen Fleming’s daily exercise technique, is an original design created and presented by Fleming during her 2006 Fulbright Commission in Korea. The original one-size fits all soft looped ends comfortably slip over the hands or feet. Each ‘Elastxx’ has a pair of stirrup loops with a center tie line for easy attachment to any elevated support structure such as a post, beam, door, window or tree. The unique highly efficient, adaptable and portable design makes it easy to practice Fleming Elastxx™ training at home, work, indoors, outdoors or anywhere on the go.


The Fleming Elastxx® DVD is a video of Fulbright Scholar and performance artist Maureen Fleming demonstrating one of her daily sessions. This DVD serves as a window into Fleming Elastxx®, an original physical training system and self-sustaining tool for metamorphosis and self directed physical change. Based in an understanding of the body’s ability to regenerate the mind, this powerful training method safely develops flexibility while strengthening the innermost layer of muscles in the body. This groundbreaking method utilizes an easy to install elastic band, which creates “underwater like” resistance and engages the ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue at the source of the movement.

Stemming from her in-depth personal research to overcome a childhood injury, Maureen Fleming shares techniques from her daily practice that maintains the flexibility and strength necessary for her to perform her unique movement vocabulary. Fleming Elastxx™ is a daily practice accessible to anyone interested in discovering his or her movement potential. As there is no sound on this DVD.

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